Thursday, June 14, 2012

Vietnamese Composer/Songwriter: Lam Phương

When talking about the living legends of the music and entertainment world of Vietnam, I definitely cannot and will not overlook our beloved songwriter of more than 50 years, Lam Phương. When Lam Phương was a young lad, he actually was very poor, but his road to stardom took off like a rocket!  He rose to stardom quickly and was considered one of the wealthiest songwriters of South Vietnam. This was the period before the Vietnam War ended in 1975.  
Mr. Lam Phương, born as Lâm Đình Phùng on 03/20/1937 in Kiên Giang, Rạch Giá, Vietnam, started writing music at the tender age of 15 and became publicly known at the age of 16, only a year later.  His beautiful songs are all about love—love for his country, love for his lovers, and love for his friends. This living legend is another hopelessly romantic person. 
With more than 200 beautiful songs written by him, my three most favorite melodies from Lam Phuong are “Cỏ Úa,” "Kiếp Nghèo," and “Nắng Đẹp Miền Nam.” Each of these three melodies has its own beautiful, very different rhythm and lyrics, yet, you can tell they are distinctively his. 
The historical event that took place on 04/30/1975 (the end of Vietnam War), Mr. Lam Phương was among the 125,000 people who left Vietnam, the first wave of Vietnamese boat people. He then resided in the USA and moved to France. In 1995, he moved back to USA. In early 1999, Mr. Lam Phương suffered from a brain stroke and became partially disabled, including speech complications. 
I admire Mr. Lam Phương for his courage, his passion for love, for music, and for life. No matter how his life has changed tragically through time, nothing could stop his loving heart from writing more beautiful melodies. This is my dedication to the music idol of many generations, a living legend of the music and entertainment world of Vietnam, Lam Phương. 

I've uploaded two of my most favorite songs/melodies from Lam Phuong on my YouTube channel, "Kiếp Nghèo" and "Cỏ Úa."
To watch my upload of "Kiếp Nghèo," performed by Khánh Ly, click on the link below: 
To watch my upload of "Cỏ Úa," performed by Lâm Thúy Vân and Đan Nguyên, click on the link below:

To watch my upload of "Cỏ Úa," performed by Lân Thúy Vân and Don Ho, click on the link below.

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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Poetry (Refrain Poem): "C'est Toi Mon Grand Amour" by WhiteLibraTexas

                              C'EST TOI MON GRAND AMOUR
C'est toi, tu es mon grand amour.
C'est toi, tu es mon meilleur ami.
C'est toi, tu es mon amour de ma vie.
C'est toi, amour veut tout sans nombre,
amour n’a point de loi.
C'est toi, je ne puis demeurer loin
de toi plus longtemps.
C'est toi, tu es mon grand amour...
C'est toi, merci de m'aimer
et je t’aime...

Here's to someone very special in my life, "C'est Toi Mon Grand Amour," my simple, refrain poem, but filled with much appreciation, respect, and affection, written just for you to celebrate friendship, life, love, and especially you. Yes, I'm especially celebrating you for being in existence and for being in my life.
"C'est Toi Mon Grand Amour" is the French version of the romantic and beautiful song "You Make Me Feel Brand New."  This timeless love song was written in 1974 by Thom Bell and Linda Creed. Since its birth and up to this day, this song has become one the most requested songs for Valentine's days and wedding days because it celebrates love and lovers.  I think ultimately your partners/spouses should forever be your lovers and should be cherished and honored like the first time or the beginning of our love. Only then, we can truly keep the romance unity candle burning 'til the end of time. :0)
This poem is being featured in the music clip "C'est Toi Mon Grand Amour," performed by Johnny Farago, and uploaded by me on my YouTube channel.
Although the French version is not the translation of the English version, I still like the French lyrics as much as the English lyrics. I featured both of these songs on my YouTube channel.
To watch the French version by Johnny Farago, click here:
To watch the English version by Simply Red, click here:

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Poetry (Prose Poem): "Tuyết Rơi" (The Snow is Fallin') by WhiteLibraTexas [Vietnamese translation by]

                                                 Tuyết Rơi

Tuyết trắng rơi...
Giọt nước mắt ngà, tôi khóc.
Đêm chúng tôi vẫy chào tạm biệt ...
Linh hồn tôi, trái tim tôi lạc lối, chơi vơi...
Như chim lạc đàn trú thân trên cành cây băng giá
Tự hỏi lòng biết bao giờ tuyết mới thôi rơi?
Tình yêu nơi đâu? Quê hương là chốn nào?
Người là tình yêu cũng là Quê nhà...
Và tôi muốn về nhà ...
(Vietnamese Translation by

Lấy cảm hứng từ "Tombe La Neige (Tuyết Rơi), rất xúc động của Adamo, tôi đã viết bài thơ văn xuôi này. ~WhiteLibraTexas~


This prose poem was originally written in English by WhiteLibraTexas, titled "The Snow is Falling," which was posted on this blog in April of 2011. The poem is beautifully translated into Vietnamese, titled "Tuyết Rơi," by

To view the original posting of the Vietnamese translation, click here:

To watch the music clip "Tombe La Neige" by Adamo, click on the red title of this post or you may also click on the link below:

Monday, April 11, 2011

Poetry (Prose Poem): "The Snow is Fallin' " by WhiteLibraTexas

                                     The Snow is Fallin'

The snow is falling...
        With white tears, I'm crying.         
         The night that we waved good-bye...        
         My soul and heart went astray...
         Like a lost bird on a lonely, frozen branch
         Wondering when the snow would stop falling?
         Where is my love? Where is my home?
         You're my love, my home...
         And I want to go home...

Inspired by Adamo's tear-jerker "Tombe La Neige (The Snow is Fallin')," I wrote this prose poem. To watch my music clip of "Tombe La Neige" on YouTube, click on the title of this posting in red text.

Monday, March 21, 2011

2011 Tōhoku Earthquake and Tsunami

2011 Tōhoku Earthquake and Tsunami

On March 11th, 2011, at 2:47 p.m. local Japan time, a frightening temblor struck Japan, the biggest earthquake to hit Japan in 140 years, measured 9.0 on the Richter scale, according to the U.S. Geological Service. This great quake triggered a tsunami and left millions without food, water, power and shelter. The U.S. Geological Service officials have chosen the name "2011 Tōhoku Earthquake" for this monster quake. Tōhoku is a region located in the northern part of Honshu, the largest island of Japan. Tōhoku takes up the largest part shaken by the quake, approximately a 250-mile-long rupture area.
My heart goes out to you, Japan, the Land of the Rising Sun. I made a video clip to dedicate to Japan and to express many thanks to friends and volunteers across the globe for lending a helping hand to aid the devastating Japan. To watch this video clip, click here:

Here's another version of the dedication video clip:

Let’s pray for Japan. Let’s send love and kindness to Japan by making your monetary donations. When giving, please beware of donation scams. Make your donation through those reputable charities/non-profit organizations, such as any of the followings:
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Richter Magnitudes & Descriptions:

Less than 2.0 = Micro earthquakes, cannot be felt.
2.0-3.9 = Minor earthquakes, can be felt, but rarely cause damage.
4.0-4.9 = Light earthquakes, can shake indoor objects and cause some damage, but not significant.
5.0-5.9 = Moderate earthquakes, can cause considerable damage to poorly constructed homes & buildings, and minor damage to well-constructed ones.
6.0-6.9 = Strong earthquakes, can cause serious damage in areas up to 100 miles (160 kilometers).
7.0-7.9 = Major earthquakes, can cause serious damage in areas over 100 miles.
8.0-8.9 = Great earthquakes, can cause devastating damage in areas several hundred kilometers across.
9.0-9.9 = Great earthquakes, can cause devastating damage in areas several thousand kilometers across.
10.0+ = Massive earthquakes, can cause devastation to our planet! It has never been recorded. Let's pray it never will occur.

The Biggest Recorded Earthquake on Earth:
Where: Chile, named "The Great Chilean Earthquake (aka the 1960 Valdivia Earthquake)"
When: May 22nd, 1960
Time: @
2:11 p.m. local Chile time
Magnitude: 9.5

(Info are based on U.S. Geological Survey documents) 

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Dr. Charles Francis Richter

The Richter Magnitude Scale was created by an American seismologist and physicist, Charles Francis Richter [04/26/1900-09/30/1985] of the California Institute of Technology. The scale was developed in 1935 as a mathematical device to compare the size of earthquakes.

Did you know that major or even great earthquakes can occur beneath the oceans that may not even be felt by humans?

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Monday, January 3, 2011

Poetry (Enjambment Poem): "Always & Forever" by WhiteLibraTexas


Always and forever, the love you give to me
Is as magical and beautiful as the rainbow I see
Always and forever, tender, selfless, and precious is your love
That I could never get enough of
Always and forever, you taught me the joy of giving
And that’s when my world starts living
Always and forever, seasons change, people change,
But our love remains unchanged
Always and forever, you shall have my heart
Since you got a hold on me right from the start
Always and forever, you and I, together we shall stay
'Cause true love shall never go astray

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Poetry (Carpe Diem Poem): "Oh! My Sweet Love, Oh! Mon Amour" by WhiteLibraTexas

Oh! My sweet love, Oh! Mon amour

Oh! My sweet love
Oh! Mon amour
I need you today
I’m the flower that you so love
For today, the flower blooms most beautiful 
Tomorrow it might die
Let’s live for today
Let tomorrow be its mystery
Love me this moment
Shower me with your love
Embrace me at sunrise,
Take me to paradise at sunset
  Let's love as if there's no tomorrow
  For you are the greatest love of my life
   I want to love you each day
   As if it’ll be the last day
    of our existence here on earth...
    Oh! Mon amour, j'ai besoin de toi maintenant!

Inspired by the beautiful lyrics and melody of the romantic French love song, "Oh! My Sweet Love [Oh! Mon Amour]," I wrote this Carpe Diem poem on New Year's Day. To watch my upload of this timeless love song, performed by Dalena and Don Ho, click here:

To watch my upload of Christophe's version, click here: